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LÉMA Filipino Spa in Cebu is Costabella’s sanctuary for relaxation, wellness and tranquility. True to tradition, all our treatments and massages are deeply rooted in the centuries-old healing techniques of the East that promote overall restoration and rejuvenation.

We invite you to enjoy a relaxing spa experience in the privacy of our Maranaw-inspired villa which incorporates Maranaw wood carvings or okir and traditional furnishings. Discover a new sense of serenity and relaxation with LÉMA Filipino Spa.

 Open daily from 2:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.
 Guest may be served earlier than 2:00 pm with confirmed reservation a day ahead. 

Drawing on the restorative properties of organic ingredients, LÉMA SPA’s All Natural Body Treats use local products in concocting its beauty treatments to relax the mind, refresh the body and soothe the senses. Among these ingredients are honey, papaya and milk long recognized for their wellness effect and used by women since ancient times.

Designed to release tension and relieve stress, our body massage treatments combine authentic techniques borrowed from the East and the West to restore the body’s natural equilibrium. These include kneading, stretching, palming and various pressure point techniques applied in varying degrees suited to your preference.

Pamper yourself the way ancient royals did back in the day with LEMA’s selection of foot spa, facial and body scrubs as well as full-body massages. Each treatment is a synergistic ritual of massage techniques to invigorate the body and spirit. We also use luxuriant blends culled from nature to bring out your skin’s natural glow.

Looking for more than just good food, relaxing massages and quiet moments at the beach?

Tucked away in the charming island of Mactan, Cebu is your own little getaway offering a private white-sand beach, beautiful ocean-views and genuine caring service.

Book now. Come and discover your story at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Cebu. 

Sales and Reservations: (6332) 231-4244
Resort: (6332) 238-2700

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